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If it is the case that you are burning inside with lots of questions about the festival, feel free to check this page and see if you get answers to what you are wondering. If you do not find the answer then click on the chat box at the bottom of the page and post your question there. We will respond as soon as we can!

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If the festival is canceled, what happens to the ticket I bought?

If the festival should be canceled, you will be offered a refund of the cost of the ticket or you can choose to continue it to Liverpool festival 2022.


If the festival is canceled, what happens to the costs around the accommodation I have booked?

If you have paid for your stay in advance, you can cancel at the festival at no extra cost.

Where can I stay during the festival?

There are several options for accommodation in Gjøvik during the festival. You can choose a hotel, festival camp, motorhome camp, youth hostel, own tent or rent an exclusive lavo. See the options on this page

What is the age limit at the festival?

There is no age limit at the festival but minors will have their own festival band which shows that they do not have the opportunity to buy alcoholic beverages etc. Children who turn 14 in 2021 and younger have free admission with the responsible adult

Is the festival designed for people with reduced mobility?

We will of course strive to make sure that all facilities inside the festival area are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Do you accept a companion certificate?

Yes, we accept accompanying documents. Festival passes for companions are ordered in the ordinary way, but use the discount code Companion. The companion certificate must be presented at the entrance


Where is Gjøvik?

Gjøvik is the navel of the world as we see it, but we can try to explain to you who did not anticipate it. The city is located about 120 km north of Oslo and you can take a train from the capital, airport bus from Gardermoen or go swimming in Lake Mjøsa about 40 km south from Lillehammer. Or you can check Google maps and plan your trip yourself


Where is the festival area?

The festival area is located right down by Lake Mjøsa, only a 5 minute walk from the center. It is a large paved area that is suitable for large events, such as Scandinavia's largest Liverpool festival.


Will the festival be open to everyone?

Yes, it will. As long as you have paid festival passes, you have access to the festival area even if you are a Manchester United supporter. We choose to believe that 95% of those who gather will be Liverpool supporters but some will also be in the festival area to experience the music and not least feel the community we Liverpool supporters have!


What is included in the festival pass?

The festival pass includes entrance to the festival area during the entire festival, a show match at Gjøvik Stadium and various activities and entertainment in the city center.


What does the festival pass cost?

Price of tickets you can see on this page We are posting a limited number of Early birds festival passes on October 2, when these are sold out a new number of festival passes will be posted, also these at a reduced price. Festival passes with a regular price will be issued as soon as the discounted tickets are sold out. Children up to the age of 14 in 2021 receive a free festival pass, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


What is happening in the festival area?

A lot will happen in the festival area. Several of our partners will have stands, there will be sales of support effects, food and drink, legend meetings, concerts and more. There will also be various activities and entertainment in the center throughout the weekend.


Who is behind the festival?

The Liverpool festival 2021 is made by supporters with connections to Liverpool supporters Gjøvik, one of the country's largest Liverbirds clubs. We are not only idealists and supporters we are also a team with long and broad experience in planning, developing and arranging festivals, concerts, shows and events.

What happens if I come to Gjøvik on Thursday?

We appreciate if you come the day before the festival starts and have given us some thought to arrange a "prelude" for those arriving in the city. We will come back with more info about this.


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